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These wicked little bees;

MadnessHP's Writing Journal


These wicked little bees;

This is the writing journal for madnesshp

This journal came to be for the purpose of organizing my chapterfic(s), gift fics, and one-shots for different fandoms (Axis Powers Hetalia, for now).

Please be advised that this journal has UNLOCKED MATURE CONTENT. Ratings will be assigned as appropriate; otherwise, you all have access to every post. If you like my writing, then by all means, please do add this journal as a friend! Comments are so much love; just keep the wank outside.


:: ahmerst
includes articulate England/America and Russia/America-centric fanfiction for Axis Powers Hetalia

:: masanami
includes wonderful fanfiction for Axis Powers Hetalia, Gintama, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn

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